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How To Pick Lotto Winning Numbers

Learn How To Pick Winning Lotto Numbers

Lotto Winning Numbers

Are you someone who wants to know lotto winning numbers, sure but I feel you will be more interested to learn how to pick winning lotto number , if true than I must say you have come to the right place. Although this article is tittled lotto winning numbers, but here I will be explaining what are the factors to be considered while picking the winning lotto number. I case you are in a hurry and want to get the complete secret method immediately than Click Here.

Many people say that lotto winning numbers are only for lucky persons or it depends on matter of chance but I would like to mention that now a days as there are so many techniques, methods and strategies to choose a winning lottery number, it is not correct to just leave everything on luck, that too when you can make use of patterns and techniques to increase the chances of you winning a lottery.

If you want to win lotto then you must find-out the best method for picking winning lottery number and then implement the system after  thoroughly understanding the method. In this article I will explain you about the key factors to be considered while choosing a winning lotto number, this is not a complete method there are much more secret techniques. To get the complete techniques click here.

4 Key Factors in Picking Winning Lotto Number

Even/Odd Numbers:

Many of the winning  lotto tickets will have a mix of even and odd numbers. It is not very common to get a winning ticket with all even numbers or all odd numbers. You will find that the winning ticket will have a even mix of even and odd numbers. So you should be avoiding the use of all even numbers or all odd numbers in your lotto ticket.

Low/High Numbers:

The draw ticket will have an even mix of low and high numbers, you will rarely find a draw ticket with all low numbers or all high numbers. So you should be avoiding the use of all low numbers or all high numbers in your lotto ticket.

Repeating Numbers:

Most of the winning lotto tickets will have very low amount of repeating numbers, let me explain this point with an example. Let's say the first winning ticket has numbers 5,9, 20, 28, 31, 35 and the next winning lotto ticket has numbers 5,12, 22, 29, 32, 38, than you can find only one repeating number that is  5. The chances of  further repeating of number 5 will be very much occasional.

Consecutive Numbers

Most of the winning draws will have a very less consecutive number, let me explain you with an example. Lets say the winning ticket has 6,7, 8, 15, 19, 31 , the three numbers in a row that is  6, 7, 8 are most unlikely to be repeated the second or third time.

Pick winning lotto number

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